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Meet Eric


Eric Levinson is a principled, trustworthy public servant dedicated to the values of faith, family, and freedom.

Eric is a North Carolina native who attended primary schools in Gastonia, NC, and who has worked in and enjoyed North Carolina his entire life.  

Following Eric's graduation from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, he served as a NC Assistant District Attorney and prosecuted homicide and sexual assault matters.  Thereafter, he was elected as a Judge to the NC District and Family Court in 1996.  While overseeing domestic and juvenile law matters, he initiated new criminal courtroom management practices and chaired a committee dedicated to improving child support services.

In 2002, Eric was elected statewide as one of fifteen Associate Judge members of the NC Court of Appeals.  He served as the youngest member of that Court, and authored hundreds of legal opinions concerning a wide variety of legal subjects – including criminal, constitutional, civil, business, and family law.  


Eric continued to serve on the Court of Appeals until he was appointed in 2007 by former President George W. Bush and former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to serve as the Justice Attaché to Iraq.  In this role, he was tasked with managing diplomatic relations with senior members of the Iraqi judiciary and advancing the needs of the Major Crimes Courts where terrorists were prosecuted.

In 2008, Eric worked in Afghanistan as an advisor to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan.  He and his team advanced a proposal that helped establish new commercial court venues in that country.

Following the completion of his work assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009, Eric returned to the NC bench as a Superior Court Judge with the backing and support of a wide group of lawmakers and community and business leaders.  He was thereafter elected to an eight-year Superior Court term in 2010.  As a Superior Court Judge, Eric handled serious felony matters and complex civil cases and worked in approximately 25 NC counties.  He continued his work on the Superior Court bench until July 2023, when he declared his candidacy for the US House.

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Eric felt a great calling to serve our Nation and was commissioned as an officer into the United States Army JAG Corps Reserves during 2020 at an age – 53 years old - when most US service members are retiring from their service.  Eric completed his basic training at Fort Moore, GA (formerly Ft Benning), and his officer coursework at the US Army JAG School in Charlottesville, VA.  He was initially assigned to support a Reserves Unit attached to Fort Liberty, NC (formerly Ft Bragg), and thereafter joined a Regular Army Unit on the Korean Peninsula.

Throughout his years of service to the rule of law and our Nation, Eric has discovered additional ways to serve.  He traveled to Puerto Rico with the Red Cross following a natural disaster; to The Gambia to help a woman wrongly imprisoned in that nation; to Peru with an NC-based mission to support people in need; and to Haiti with a group of volunteers following a significant earthquake.

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